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Ambiguity of Performance Management in the Fire Safety Policy of Finland

Ammonium Feedback Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Analysing Fault Tolerance for Erlang Applications

Applications of Technical Devices in Archaeology
Biotechnology: Perspectives & Prospects

Broadcasting & Convergence: New Articulations of the Public Service Remit

Caught Between Standardisation & Complexity

Changing Faces of Game Innovation

Current Topics in Biotechnology

Cyber Laws

Designing for Autonomy

Efficient Implementation of Concurrent Programming Languages

Emerging Trends in Web Computing

Estimation Problems in Array Signal Processing, System Identification, & Radar Imagery
European Networking & Learning for the Future: The EuroPACE Approach

Fashion Technology & Management

Finnish Polytechnics in the Regional Innovation System

Framing the Feature Film

Fundamentals of Digital Electronics & Microprocessors

Genetic Algorithms in Software Architecture Synthesis

Global Positioning System
Handbook of Fashion Design & Technology
ICEST 2003: Proceedings of the XXXVIII International
Scientific Conference on Information, Communication & Energy Systems & Technologies

Input-Output Stability Analysis of Networked Control Systems

Interdisciplinary Studies in Science, Technology, Philosophy and Culture

International Interaction Forms in Global Collaboration Networks between
the Information Technology Industry & Engineering Education

Mobile Messages: Young People & a New Communication Culture

Multichannel Audio Signal Processing: Room
Correction & Sound Perception

Nanoscale Magnetic Oxides & Bio-World

Nonlinear Identification & Control with Solar Energy Applications

Nonlinear System Identification & Control Applied to
Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

On System Identification & Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Principles of Mechanical Engineering Design, 2nd edition

Real-Time Workload Models: Expressiveness vs. Analysis Efficiency

Researching the Use of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide

Robot Modelling & Simulation

Role of Context in Matching and Evaluation of
XML Information Retrieval

Scalable Scientific Stream Query Processing

Science, Technology & Society

Serving Sophisticated Ad Hoc Information Needs Based on Beforehand
Unknown, Autonomous, & Heterogeneous XML Data Source

Shaping Places Online

Signal Design for Active Sensing & Communications

Software Techniques for Distributed Shared Memory

Technique & Design in the History of Printing: 26 Essays

Textbook of Surgery of the Gallbladder & Extrahepatic Bile Ducts [In English & Macedonian]