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Acoustical Perspective on Raga-Rasa Theory

Along the Path of Music

Ancient Christian Hymn with Musical Notation

Band Director's Handbook: A Guide for College & Secondary School Music Directors in Southeast Asia
Bulgarian Folk Music
Bulgarian Opera Myth: The Three Bassos, The Three Sopranos
Classical Music of North India, Volume 1: The First Years of Study

Companion to North Indian Classical Music, 2nd edition

Compositional Forms of Hindustani Music

Enlightening the Listener

Evolution of Raga and Tala in Indian Music
Founders of Hilander in Orthodox Chant with Audio CD [In English & Serbian]

Grammar of Carnatic Music [Contains CD]

Historical Study of Indian Music, 2nd Edition

Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales
Kyrgyz Musical Instruments
Music in the Aegean Bronze Age
Musical Heritage of India

Music of the Nations: A Comparative Study

Music Theory of Harald Vallerius

Office of Saint Olav

Pedagogy of Recognition: Dancing Identity & Mutuality

Persian Writing on Music: A Study of Persian Musical Literature from 1000 to 1500 AD

Shams Al-Asvat: The Sum of Songs by Ras Baras

Tandava Laksanam: The Fundamentals of Ancient Hindu Dancing

Vintage Tabla Repertory [Includes 2 Audio CDs]

What Kind of Theory is Music Theory?