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17 Days in a Treblinka, 5th edition

Achieved Nothing Worthy of Memory

Advaita Vedanta

Against a Rising Tide: Racism, Europe & 1992
Against False Aplogetics: Wilhelm Herrmann and Ernst Troeltsch in Conflict
Agrarian Economy of Sixteenth-Century Sweden
Air Power of the Kingdom of Bulgaria, 4 Vol. Set [English & Bulgarian]
Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia, 1945-1995
America & the Bulgarians: Till the Constituent Assembly of 1879

Anabaptist Beginnings, 1523-1533

Ancient Indian Influence on Japanese Culture

Ancient Indian Magic & Folklore

Ancient Indian Ports

Anglo-Scandanavian Coinage c. 995-1020

Anthropology of the Bulgarian Population at the End of the 20th Century
Appropriating King Arthur
Aryans: Myth & Archaeology
Aryans Revisited

Assessment of Twentieth-Century Historiography

Assyrian Heritage

At the Mercy of Strangers

Attack and Other Papers

Augustinian Perspectives in the Renaissance

Auschwitz Album, 2nd edition

Avatars of Modernity: Vasco da Gama's Discovery & Indian Identities in Perspective

Balkan City of Ottoman Manastir (Bitola)

Baltic Countries 1900-1914, 2 vols.
Baltic Countries Under Occupation
Barbarian Philosophy
Battle Stalin Lost

Becoming Swedish-American

Belgium & the Holocaust, 3rd edition

Bengal Under Akbar and Jahangir
Bitter Bread
Blasphemy and Exaltation in Judaism and the Final Examination of Jesus
Book of Giants From Qumran
Book of Ser Marco Polo
Bookshop of the World
The Role of the Low Countries in the Book-Trade 1473-1941
Brief History of the Czech Lands to 2004
Britain in Crisis
British Imperialism and Afghanistan's Struggle for Independence 1914-1921
Buddhism Among Tamils in Pre-Colonial Tamilakam & Ilam, 2 volumes
Buddhism: Its Essence and Development
Buddhist India
Bulgaria Collection: The Unique Bulgarian Nature, Churches,
Monasteries, Wall-Paintings, Icons, Towns, Architecture

Bulgaria: An Illustrated Histrory
Bulgaria: Cradle of the European Civilisation: A Photographic History
Bulgaria: History Retold in Brief
Bulgarian Christian Civilization
Bulgarians: Civilizers of the Slavs
Bulgarians: The First Europeans
Bulgarians & the Americans [In English & Bulgarian]

Byzantine Gardens & Beyond

Byzantium and Islam in Scandinavia


Can Heaven Be Void?

Carta's Illustrated History of Jerusalem, 2nd edition
Case of Nikolai Bukharin

Catalogue of the Coins in the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India Bombay

Celebrating Sixty Years of Celtic Studies at Uppsala University

Changing Religious Roles in Pre-Modern Asia

Charles August Lindberg Sr.

Chasia Bornstein-Bielicka: One of the Few

Chechenya: Political & Geographic Portrait

Chelmno: A Small Village in Europe

Children's World of Learning 1480-1880, 3 volumes
Chinese Dimensions: Their Roots, Mindset & Psyche
Choice of Corals
Christ, Plato, Hermes Trismegistus
Christian Democratic Parties in Europe Since the End of the Cold War
Christopher Plantin's Books of Hours
City of Hope: Jerusalem From Biblical to Modern Times

Classic Law of India

Classical Dances & Costumes of India

Coming of Sound in Sweden 1928-1932

Comprehensive History of Assam

Concept of Theft in Classical Hindu Law

Conscientious Objection: Bertrand Russell & the
Pacifists in the First World War

Consider Me Lucky

Constitutional History of India: Federalism, Elections, Government & Rule of Law

Constitutional History of India: Indian Polity, Governance & the Constitution

Construction of an Identity Discourse: Oriya Literature & the Jagannath Cult (1866-1936)

Consuls, Corsairs, & Commerce: The Swedish Consular Service & Long-Distance Shipping, 1720-1815
Converging World Views: The European Expansion &
Early-Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Swedish Contacts

Conversation with Harris & Seldon
Co-ordination, Co-operation, and Competition
Core & Periphery in Late Medieval Urban Society
Cromwell & Communism

Crone Library: Books on the Art of Navigation left by Dr. Ernst Crone to the
Scheepvaart Museum in 1975 and Books on the same subject acquired by the Museum previously

Cry Little Girl

Cultura Baltica

Czech Mate: A Life in Progress

Dalit & Democratic Revolution, 3 volumes

Dawn of Indian Civilization Up to 600 BC

Deities of the Thracians

Democracy in the Mines

Development of Islamic Religion & Philosophy in India

Diary of Travels & Adventures in Upper India, 2 Volumes

Directory of Personal Names in the Indian History from the Earliest to 1947

Dividing Hearts

Domenico Bollani, Bishop of Brescia
Drapery Production in the Late Medieval Low Countries
Dutch Language Press in America
Dutch Printer's Devices 15th-17th Century
Dutch-American Bibliography 1693-1794
Early Discourses on Colour & Cinema: Origins, Functions, Meanings

Early Indian Feudal Society & its Culture

Early Modern Monarchism in Mughal India

Early Neo-Assyrian State Ideology

Early Printed Editions of Aeschylus (1518-1664)

Economic History of India from the 18th to 20th Century

Economy, Geography, and Provincial History in Later Roman Palestine

Emanuel Ringelblum

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust

Epigraphy, Numismatics, Prosopography & History of Ancient Cyprus

Erasmus and His Catholic Critics

Escape to Life: A Journey through the Holocaust

Escaping Hell in Treblinka

Eternity & Time
Studies in Russian Literature & the Orthodox Tradition

Étienne Dolet, the Martyr of the Renaissance, 1508-1546
Europe at Peace?
Evolution of Ethiopian Absolutism
Experiencing History Through Archives
Eyewitness in Hungary
Fac et Spera: Joannes Maire: Publisher, Printer and Bookseller
in Leiden, 1603-1657. A Bibliography of his Publications. With CD-ROM

Face to Face with the Absent Buddha

Farewell to Arms: Motivational Change &
Divergence Inside FARC-EP 2002-2010

Fire & the Light

Flora: I was but a Child

French East India Company and the Trade of the Indian Ocean

Freyr's Offspring: Rulers & Religion in Ancient Svea Society

From Fiume to Navelli

From Indifference to Activism
From Swords to Sorrow
Genesis of Air Power
Geographical Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval India
German Social Deomcracy

Get Acquainted With Macedonia [In English and Macedonian]

Golden Chain of Civilizations: Indic, Iranic, Semitic & Hellenic

Governing the Military


Greek Science: Its Meaning to Us
Greeks in India

Guide to the Ajanta Paintings, Volume 1
Gustavian Non-Academic Criticism 1772-1809
Hebrew Incunabula in Public Collections
Hindu Castes and Sects

Historian-Filmmaker's Dilemma: Historical Documentaries
in Sweden in the Era of Hager & Villius

Historical Urban Agriculture

Historical Patterns of Globalisation

Historical Poem on the Attack on Iran by the Afghans in 1724-5 A.D.

Historiography and Humanism in the Age of Erasmus

History and Literature of Buddhism
History, Culture and Truth

History of Agriculture in India from c. AD 1200 to 1947

History of Agriculture in India from c. AD 1947 to the Present

History of Bhopal State

History of British Socialism, 2nd Edition
History of Education in Ancient India

History of Footwear in Norway, Sweden and Finland

History of Latin America

History of Pilgrimage in Ancient India
History of the Sikhs, 5 volume set

History of Yoga


Holocaust & Justice

Holocaust Heritage: Inquiries into European Historical Cultures

Holocaust Historiography in Context

Home is No More

Household in Late Medieval Cities, Italy & Northwestern Europe Compared
I Am He
Imagination in Power
Incunabula Printed in the Low Countries: A Census

India - USA: Diplomatic Relations 1940 - 2002

India & China

India & China: Twenty Centuries of
Civilizational Interaction & Vibrations

India’s Interaction with Southeast Asia: History of Science,
Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. 1, Part 3

Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda

Indian Craftsman, 2nd Edition

Indian Diaspora

Indian Diaspora in Africa

Indian Origins of Arab-Islamic Scientific & Literary Heritage

Indian Perspectives on the Physical World:
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. IV, Part 3

Indian Shipping
Individual, Corporate & Judicial Status in European Cities
Industrial Syndicalist
Integrating Jewish Women into Second Temple History
International Response to the Democracy Movement in Burma Since 1962
International Science Programme Uppsala University 1961-2001
International Trade in the Low Countries (14th-16th Centuries)
Inventory of Ottoman Turkish Documents About Waqf Preserved in the
Oriental Department at the St St Cyril and Methodius National Library

Inventing Inventors in Renaissance Europe

Isaiah's Political Message

Jaina Sources of the History of Ancient India, 2nd Edition

Jewish Manumission Inscriptions of the Bosporus Kingdom
Jewish Rights in the Roman World
Jews & Sciences in German Contexts: Case Studies from the 19th & 20th Centuries

Jews in the Weimar Republic

Jews in the Realm of the Sultans

J.G. Sparwenfeld's Diary of a Journey to Russia 1684-87
Johannes Gutenberg
Journal of a March from Delhi to Peshawur & from thence
to Cabul with the Mission of Lieut-Colonel Sir C.M. Wade

Journal of a Route Across India, Through Egypt to England

Journey of Survival

Kautiliya Arthasastra Revisited
Khurasan & Sistan
Ksatriyas in Ancient India
Land Revenue Administration Under the Mughals

Language, Canonization & Holy Foolishness

Last Ghetto

Lessons of Chile
Letter to Antony van Leeuwenhoek About the Animals
Which are Sometimes Found in the Liver of Sheep

Levellers and the English Revolution, 2nd Edition

Life, Thought & Culture in India (From c. 600 BC to c. AD 300),
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization
Vol. I: The Dawn & Development of Indian Civilization, Part 2

Life-World of the Tamils: Past & Present-- II

Lightfoot the Historian
Lord Bolingbroke (1678-1751) & History:
A Comparative Study of Bolingbroke's Politico-Historical Works
& Selection of Contemporary Texts as to Themes & Vocabulary

Lower Technical Education in the Netherlands 1798-1993
The Rise & Fall of a Subsystem

Macedonia: Yesterday & Today
Making of the Labour Movement
Malays/Muslims in Singapore:
Selected Readings in History 1819-1965

Malaysia: The Road to Independence

Mama, It Will be Alright

Man Makes Himself

Man who was Murdered Twice

Managing Transformations in Eastern Europe
Manumission of Slaves in Early Christianity
Many Faces of Murukan: The History & Meaning of a South Indian God
Maratha Confederacy

Masters of War: The Role of Elites in Sudan's Communal Conflict

Media & Political Culture in the Eighteenth Century [In English & French]

Mediaeval Researches, 2 volumes
Medieval Book Fragments in Sweden

Medicine & Life Sciences in India,
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization,
Vol. IV: Fundamental Indian Ideas of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences & Medicine, Part 2
Medieval Aristocracy on Mount Athos
Memoir on Pauperism
Memoria Bosniaca [In English & Serbian]:
References of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Merchant & the State: The French
in India, 1666-1739 [2 Volumes]

Merchant Houses of Stockholm c. 1640-1800
Mining & Metallurgy in Ancient India
Mohammedan Bulgarians (Pomaks)
Moscow Photo Album

Museum Gustavianum: A Window to the Surrounding World

Muslim Revivalist Movements in Northern India in the 16th and 17th Century

My Sister China
Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, & the Punjab, 1826 to 1838, Volume IV: Kalat

Nation of Immigrants: A Brief Demographic History of Britain

Nature & Culture

Nazi Europe & the Final Solution

No-One Land: Israel / Palestine 2000-2002

Noblemen and Kinsmen
Notions of America: Swedish Perspectives
Numismatic Art of India, 2 volume set

Numizmatic Heritage of Kyrgyzstan

On the Edge: The Concept of Progress in Bukhara
during the Rule of the Later Manghits

One Step Ahead

Oriental Commerce
Origen's Hexapla and Fragments

Origin & Growth of Feudalism in Early India

Origin & Nature of Ancient Indian Buddhism, 3rd edition

Orthodoxy and Reform
Our Island Story: A History of Britain for Boys & Girls
From the Romans to Queen Victoria

Out of Site: Landscape & Cultural Reflexivity in New Hollywood Cinema, 1969-1974
Ownership Reform and Corporate Governance

Paul's Offer of Leniency (2 Cor 10:1)
Populist Ideology & Rhetoric in a Pauline Letter Fragment

Pedigreed Jew

Pentagram as a Medical Symbol: An iconological study

People of Knossos

Peranakan Chinese Politics in Java 1917-1942
Personal Narrative of a Journey from India to England [2 Vol. Set]

Perspectives in Social & Economic History of Early India 2nd Edition

Perspectives on Maharashtra: Cultural-Intellectual Contributions

Physician Inside the Warsaw Ghetto

Pictorial History of the Holocaust

Pictorial Practices in a "Cam Era"

Pilgrim Press: A bibliographical & historical memorial of the books printed at Leyden by the Pilgrim Fathers
Pioneers of the Research on the Insects of Dalmatia
Politics & Culture in the Age of Christina
Portrait of a Dalai Lama
Power! Black workers, their unions and the struggle for freedom in South Africa

Practice & Theory of Bolshevism, 3rd Edition

Priestly Rites & Prophetic Rage

Printing the Classical Text: Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica, Vol. LXII
Private Households & Public Policies in 3rd-5th Century Jewish Palestine
Prolegomena to Any Future Historiography of Cultures & Civilizations, 2nd Edition
Prospography and Computer
Public & Private Finances in the Late Middle Ages

Puranas, History & Itihasas

Queen Lovisa Ulrika Collection of Numismatic Literature

Radical Brethren

Rajas of Cochin, 1663-1720

Ramism, Rhetoric & Reform

Religion in Modern India

Religious Policy of the Mughal Emperors
Remaking the Working Class?
Repression in Latin America
Retracing the Aurochs: History, Morphology & Ecology of an Extinct Wild Ox

Revealing the Art of Natyasastra

Richard Mulcaster (c. 1513-1611) and Educational Reform in the Renaissance

Rila Monastery, 2nd Ed.
Rise & Fall of New Sweden

Rise & Fall of the Submarine Threat: Threat Politics & Submarine Intrusions in Sweden 1980-2002

Roman Domestic Art & Early House Churches

Ruling the Waves: Emperor Maximilian I, the Search for Islands
& the Transformation of the European World Picture, C. 1500

Run, My Child


Science & the Public

Science, Philosophy & Culture

Scinde or The Unhappy Valley
Selected Charters of Serbian Rulers (XII-XV Century) Relating to the Territory of Kosovo & Metohia, Part I
Self-Management on Trial

Serbian Crown [In English & Croatian]

Seven Ancient Civilizations in Bulgaria

Sexual Symbolism and Merkava Speculation in Medieval Germany
Shaping Urban Identity in Late Medieval Europe
(English & French languages)

Smashing Terrorism in the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960)

Social Policy & Health Insurance in South Korea & Taiwan

Society, Religion & Poetry in pre-Islamic Arabia

Sofia: From Antiquity to New Ages

Soldier with the Golden Buttons

Solidarity: Poland's independent trade union

Spectrum of Chinese Culture: All About Chinese Heritage,
Marriage, Parentage… And Other Fascinating Knowledge

Splendid Ceremonies
Sri Lanka: Serendipity under Siege
State and Minorities
Stories of Old

Story of Sukkot

Streams of Yogic & Mystic Experience

Studies on the Haggadah from the teachings of Nechama Leibowitz
Sweden's Relations with Nazism, Nazi Germany & the Holocaust
Swedes in the Twin Cities:
Immigrant Life & Minnesota's Urban Frontier


Synthesis of Yoga

Take Notes: People & Places on Banknotes of Israel
Essays from the Lecture Series of the National Mission for Manuscripts, Vol 1.

These are the Times: A Life of Thomas Paine
Thinking the Bronze Age: Life & Death in Early Helladic Greece
Through Bosnian Eyes: The Political Memoirs of a Bosnian Serb
Tibet Past and Present
Time, The Refreshing River
Timor: Twenty Years On
To Chicago & Back
Trade, Politics & Plunder: The Marathas at Cambay c. AD 1725-1825
Traditional Bulgarian Calendar: Illustrated Encyclopedia

Transformation of an Immigrant Society


Travels & Adventures in the Province of Assam
Travels in the Himalayan Provinces of Hindustan & the Panjab
Treasures of Bulgaria

Trojan Wars & the Making of the Modern World

Tsarina of the Mountains, Kurmanjan, & Her Times

Two Battles & Two Bills: Marathon & the Athenian Fleet
Turkistan [2 Volumes]
Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri: or Memoirs of Jahangir
Uncertain Trumpet:
A History of Church of England School Education to AD 2001
Unification of Bulgaria 1885: A Photo History
‘Unique Cherub’ Circle
Unnecessary War
Urban Crafts & Craftsmen in Medieval India
Urban Culture in Northern India During the Eighteenth Century
Urban Transformation of Medieval Rome, 312-1420
Utopias of Nation: Local Mass Killing in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1941-42

Valley of Roses & Thracian Rulers
Varanasi Rediscovered

Vikings in the East

Vintage Tabla Repertory [Includes 2 Audio CDs]

Voice of a Waning Empire: Selected Latin Poetry of
Magnus Ronnow from the Great Northern War

Waltzing with the Enemy

Wanderings of a Pilgrim

Wanted: Byzantium

War Against War

War and Peace in the Gulf

War is Peace

War or Peace in the Middle East?

Ways of Understanding the Human Past

We are Witnesses

What Went Wrong?

Whatever Happened to the Peace Dividend?

Who gives a DAM!

Who was this Bukharin?

Why Yesterday Tells of Tomorrow

Window of Opportunity: Dutch & Swedish Security
Ideas & Strategies 1942-1948


Work-Ins, Sit-Ins, and Industrial Democracy

World Heritage of Bulgaria [In English & Bulgarian]

WULFILA 311-2011: International Symposium

Xuanzang & the Silk Route

Yellow Stars & Trouser Inspections

Yesterday: My Story, 2nd edition

Yugoslav Tragedy

Youth Writing Between the Walls