You’re What You Eat:
Your Healthy Lifestyle Guide
What You Need to Know About What’s in Your Food

By Chia Joo Suan
January 2006
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 967978925X
248 pages, Illustrated, 5 ½” x 8 ½”
$22.50 Paper Original

In this book, the author explains what you never knew about your food. By taking an approach that shows both the health benefits and the possible negative effects of foods, she tells you what you need to know about the additives used in improving the palatability of processed foods compared to traditional manufacturing practices.

She also talks about the health effects of additives, beneficial nutrients and the safe handling of processed and cooked foods. She advocates the consumption of tropical and subtropical fruits, vegetables, seafood, beans and nuts. With special emphasis on their valuable nutrients and anti-nutrients, she highlights their health benefits, their interactions with other foods or medication and debunks or supports traditional beliefs.

Health; Nutrition

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