Zoologia Neocaledonica 5
Systematique et Endemisme en Nouvellu-Caledonie
[With CD ROM]

Edited By Judith Najt & Philippe Grandcolas
September 2002
Publications Scientifiques du Museum
ISBN: 2-85653-536-4
282 pages, Illustrated, 8 3/4" x 10 "
$157.50 Hardcover

Contents from this volume include: the Sciapodinae of New Caledonia, Monophyly of the Empis, Nouveaux Ectonura de Nouvelle-Caledonie, the Phalangopsidae of New Caledonia, with descriptions of four new species, Le Genre Lauraesilpha Grandcolas, New Data on New Caledonian Tingidae with description of new species, Water mites from New Caledonia, Biodiversity and zoogeography of Atyid shrimps of New Caledonia, Distribution of the Freshwater Palaemonid Prawns, The Scincid lizard genus Nannoscincus Gunther from New Caledonia in the Southwest Pacific: a review of the morphology and distribution of species in the Nannoscincus mariei species group, including the description of three new species form the Province Nord, the Scincid lizard genus Caledoniscincus from New Caledonia in the Southwest Pacific, the Scincid Lizard Graciliscincus Shonae from New Caledonia in the Southwest Pacific.

Memoires Du Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle No. 187

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