Wishing Tree
The Presence & Promise of India

By Subhash Kak
November 2001
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 81-215-1032-5
110 pages, illustrated
$30.00 hardcover

The past two decades have brought revolutionary changes in the understanding of the Indian civilization. This essay, as an overview of this new understanding, is for the general reader. It is based on three invited lectures at Stanford University and the University of California on April 14-15 2000.

Contents: Preface. Introduction. A Bridge to the Future. Language Wars. Indology and Racism. India and Europe. Vedic Knowledge and Astronomy. A Distant Looking Glass. The Birth of Science. Cows and Unicorns. Light or Coincidence. The Circle of Faith. Rhythms and the Inner World. The Dance of Shiva. The Tree of Knowledge. References. Index.

Asian Studies

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