Win Without Fighting
Learn from Sun Tzu how to Handle
Difficult Persons, Resolve Conflicts &
Enjoy Great Interpersonal Relationships

By Khoo Kheng-Hor
January 2006
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9679789284
174 pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½”
$19.95 Paper Original

Many people, especially those who have yet to read Sun Tzu’s Art of War, or only to read it in passing, have mistakenly thought it to be a book that advocates strategies on fighting, and more fighting. Nothing can be further from the truth because the most powerful strategy in this 2,500-year-old book is really the one about “to win without fighting.” This was what Sun Tzu had written so long ago: “Fighting to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the supreme strategy. The supreme strategy is to win without fighting.”

In this book, the author shows how one can win without fighting. Although he doesn’t promise a quick fix, the practical ideas he advocates will show step-by-step how to develop the right attitude and approach to position oneself in resolving conflict with creativity, empathy, grace, humor and sincerity.

Learn to identify the five difficult types of personalities that you will come across in any interaction – the Warrior, the Smart Alec, the Opposition, the Wishy-Washy, and the Bureaucrat – and decide on the appropriate strategies to deal with them. This book will change your outlook on life because as the author puts it, “Indeed, when armed with the know-how, the commitment, the perseverance, we can actually do our part to avoid misunderstandings and reduce the conflicts that could unwittingly and needlessly plague our lives.”


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