Wanderstudent 2000
The Wanderstudent of 1425
Revived in Virtual Reality in 2000?
Towards a European Virtual University

Edited by Georges Van der Perre
& Patricia Vandevelde
December 2001
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-156-9
174 pages, illustrated
$48.50 paper original

'The Wanderstudent of 1425 revived in virtual reality in 2000!' This was the leading theme of the 'Wanderstudent 2000' conference held in Belgium in October 2000. Just as during the middle ages German students wandered over the country to visit the best masters and to gather knowledge and credits from them, should we not expect students of the third millenium to do the same, but now 'virtually' and 'globally'?

Will this virtual wandering be left completely to the free initiative of the individual student? Will universities encourage it and create supporting structures? Will universities control and structure the process by establishing inter-university networks and creating joint virtual campuses? Will universities join efforts with industry and society to create flexible lifelong learning systems? Over 30 papers are included.


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