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Volterra Equations and Inverse Problems

By A.L. Bughgeim
July 1999
VSP Science
ISBN: 90-6764-302-5
214 p.
$165.00 Cloth

The main part of this new monograph deals with the theory of multidimensional Volterra equations and their applications to multidimensional inverse problems. The book opens with the basic concepts of the general ill-posed problem theory, followed by elements of the abstract operator Volterra theory. Subsequent chapters deal with: linear and nonlinear operator equations in scales of Banach spaces and applications to inverse problems; investigations by the method of the weight a priori estimates and the method based on the spectral von Neumann theorem; multidimensional integro-differential Volterra equations and problems of integral geometry; inverse problems of wave scattering and propagation.

Series: Invese and Ill-Posed Problems