Visual Dictionary

By Jean-Claude Corbeil, et al.
December 1996
ISBN: 9652201855
798 pages, Illustrated, 7 ¼” x 9 ¼”
$54.00 Hardcover

This dictionary is meant for the active member of the modern industrial society who needs to be acquainted with a wide range of technical terms from many assorted areas, but not to be specialist in any. This is not an encyclopedia. For one, it does not describe but names items. Secondly, it avoids the enumeration of items within a category. Rather than list the different types of trees, for instance, it selects a typical representative of the tree family and lists each of its parts.

It is even less a language dictionary. It contains only substantives – without written definitions – few adjectives, and very often complex terms, which is common to all terminologies. Neither is it a compendium of specialized vocabularies, as it favors words useful to the average person over terms known only to the specialist. This is the first basic dictionary of terminological orientation, comprising within a single volume, with high regard for accuracy and easy access, thousands of more or less technical terms whose knowledge becomes a necessity in this modern world where science, technology and their by-products permeate and influence daily life.


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