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Urbanisation & Poverty in the Cities
of the National Economic Corridor in Bolivia

Case Study: Cochabamba
Transformations No. 5

By Maria del Carmen Ledo Garcia
July 2002
Delft University
ISBN: 90-407-2306-0 
263 pages, Illustrated, 8 5/8 x 11"
$69.50 paper original


Within the process of urbanization of Latin America, Bolivia stands out as an interesting case, because of its high population dynamics. In this context, the identification of the patterns of changing land use and the spatial distribution of poverty in Cochabamba becomes a relevant endeavor and the object of this research. Canonical correlation analyses have been used for the multivariate processing of national census data. Geographic information has been processed using geographic information systems (GIS). Comparing the conclusions of the analyses with the actual interventions of the Municipality of Cochabamba, a set of recommendations have been proposed for a scenario of sustainable development.

Urban Planning; Economics