The Scourge of Nations

By Dragan Christov
July 2005
Heron Press
ISBN: 9545801697
98 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$75.00 Paper Original

The economic situation in the world today is sputtering. One of the causes is the great number of people with no jobs. Anyone interested in finding ways to improve the condition of all people in the world would be to find ways to train people for jobs, jobs that are the livelihood of the people who make up the economy.

Too often in developing countries, and to a large extent in developed nations the vocational training systems based on other economical parameters train people for non existent jobs, or at best do not impart them with the exact skills needed in this technological world.

Contents include: Methodology for Analyzing Vocational Training Systems, Labor Market and Unemployment, Enterprises, Users, and Unemployment, Presentation of the Strategy Papers "How to Tackle Unemployment," Conclusions.


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