Understanding Chinese Consumers
A New Way of Approaching Marketing in Chinese Culture

By Jan Callebaut, Cis Paelinck, et al.
December 2000
Garant / Censydiam
ISBN: 90-441-1087-X
171 pages, illustrated
$41.00 paper original

Contents: Do Asians think differently from us? The basic principles of psychodynamic market research. East and West, shall the twain ever meet? Motivational marketing research and the psychology of motives. The origin of motives: Mother motive versus father motives. The cornerstones of the Censydiam Model, or, Who can tell us the truth about people's motivations? The Censydiam model. Future watch, or: The long waves of existential fear. Censydiam's Illogic Algorithm®. The Censydiam Shopper Compass®. Laughter-A cross-cultural reflection. Advertising in China: Some peculiarities of Chinese perception. The authors.

Marketing; Sociology

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