Trends in Dutch
Teacher Education

Edited by Gerard M. Willems, Jos H.J. Stakenborg, et al.
December 2000
ISBN: 90-5350-974-7
216 pages, illustrated
$43.50 paper original

This book gives the reader a clear insight into theory, practice and experimentation in Dutch teacher education. It presents him with the current state of the art of teacher education in the Netherlands. The contributions are arranged in four categories.

The first concerns the teacher educator. The second consists of the developments in teacher education and education in general. The third deals with practicing teachers faced with the urgent need to bring their theoretical insights and their classroom methodology up to date, all the while having to play their important role as teaching practice supervisors in the education of new teachers. Lastly, the book discusses the student teachers and how they are to be guided towards their invaluable task.


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