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Transition Towards Post-Deng China

Edited by Xiaobo Hu & Gang Linr
October 2001
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971692414
326 Pages
$49.50 paper original

In a series of essays culled from the 12th Annual Conference of the US Association of Chinese Political Studies, academic scholars who grew up in China but received their Ph.D. degrees in America discuss the politics of the past 20 years in Chinese history and the transition towards the post-Deng era.

Topics include: Transfeorming property rights. Employment & Development--China's employment problem. Democratic changes in China. China's leadership. Are the Chinese still interested in politics? Transition of China's media import policy. Democratization and organized dissent with the party-state. China's deomcratic propects. China's foreign policy in the 21st Century. Bibliography.

Politics; Chinese History