Thoughts to Ponder, No. 2.
Daring Observations about the Jewish Tradition

By Nathan Lopes Cardozo
October 2006
Urim Publications
ISBN: 9657108853
192 pages, 6 1/8 x 9"
$19.95 Hardcover

Partial Listing of Topics:

Eternity of the Torah
The Tragedy of Being a Tzaddik
Power of Language
Is Universal Love Possible?
Frontal Encounter & Faith.
Preciousness of the Secular Jew
Religious Hypocracy
Of Rabbinical Courage
Art & Beauty
Jewish Pride
Future of Israel
Holidays & Customs
Power of Prayer
Deconstructionist Synagogues
The Curse of Fluency
Prayers for the Wicked
After Modern Othodoxy
Jewish Education Today


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