Ten Years of Rebuilding Capitalism:
Czech Society After 1989

Edited by Jiri Vecernik & Petr Mateju
June 1999
ISBN: 80-200-0774-1
367 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$125.00 Paper Original

This book documents the many changes in Czech society after November 1989 and provides an insight into the social life of people as workers, consumers, and citizens. The first part concerns the labor market, business, education, and family. In the second part, changing economic and social inequalities are explained. Finally the third section describes social structure and political attitudes, political parties and electoral behavior. A chronological series of economic, demographic, social, and political indicators are attached in the appendices as well. This publication represents the first Social Report of the Czech Republic and is a useful guide concerning social trends and data sources.

Contents include: Introduction, Part 1: Resources of Economic Change; Labor Market and Human Resources; School System and Educational Development; Capitalist Renewal: Privatization and Business; The Czech Family, the Marriage Market, and the Reproductive Climate; Part 2: Economic and Social Inequalities; Inequalities in Earnings, Incomes, and Household Wealth; Social Mobility and Changes in Perceived Life-chances; The Role of the Market and Government in the Eyes of the Public; Part 3: Social and Political Structures; The Renewal of the Middle Class and its Political Circumstances; Social Stratification and Voting Behavior; The Crystallization of Political Attitudes and Orientations, The Development of Political Parties and the Party System, Conclusions, Appendices.

Politics; Economic History

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