Tur On the Torah
Commentary on the Torah
4 Volume Set

By Yaakov ben Rabeinu Asher (R'osh)
Translated from the Hebrew by Eliyahu Munk
December 2003
Lambda Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9657108764
1485 pages, 7" x 10"
$157.50 Hardcover

Volume I: Genesis
Volume II: Exodus
Volume III: Leviticus Numbers
Volume IV: Deuteronomy

The editor served in Jewish education for close to 30 years before making aliyah to Israel in 1978. Since settling in Jerusalem, he has been busy translating an ever lengthening string of classical Torah commentaries into English. Publication of the latest translation of the Tur's commentary brings the number of authors whose commentaries Mr. Munk has translated to 11, comprising 42 volumes of close to 19000 pages. It is this editor's fond hope that the volumes submitted herewith will be as enthusiastically received by his ever increasing circle of readers as have his earlier efforts.


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