Transnational Relations
in the Baltic Sea Region

By Michael Karlsson
December 2004
Sodertorns Hogskola
ISBN: 9189315456
170 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$79.50 Paper Original

This book is a case study of the Baltic Sea region that addresses such questions. Many non-governmental organizations today have regular contacts with counterparts in other littoral states. In some cases, the non-state actors have also deepened their cooperation and established regional international non-governmental organizations or transnational networks. Their purpose has been, amongst other things, to establish a platform from which they can interact with the Baltic Sea states and influence regional intergovernmental processes. In explaining these patterns of transnational relations, the author highlights a broad range of conditions relating to the actors themselves as well as to structure.

Economics; Politics
Sodertorn Academic Studies, No. 21

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