Translation Techniques in Two
Syro-Arabic Versions of Ruth

By Per A. Bengtsson
December 2003
Donner Institute for Research in Religious & Cultural History
ISBN: 91-22-02045-4
195 pages, 6" x 8 "
$69.50 Paper Original


This work analyzes the relations between the Peshitta of Ruth and two Arabic translations of it. The translation techniques employed by these two Arabic translations are compared. One of the translations chiefly renders the Peshitta text in a word-for-word manner. The other translation employs a rich variety of translation techniques. These techniques have been analyzed according to five categories: 1. Word order, 2. Expansions, 3. Reductions, 4. Exchange of words or phrases, 5. Associative/dissociative translation. Two word indexes are supplied, functioning as concordances of the Peshitta and the two Arabic translations.

Studia Orientalia Lundensia, Nova Series, Vol. 3

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