Teachers & Teaching
International Perspectives on School
Reform & Teacher Education

Edited by Christopher Day, Dolf van Veen et al.
December 1997 [book cover]
ISBN: 90-5350-698-5
256 pages
$46.50 paperback

Contents: Teachers and teaching: International perspectives on school reform and teacher education. Investing in human development. Enhancing the role of teachers. Leading the world towards tolerance and global peace: Some observations on the role of teachers and teacher educators.

Teacher education and school reform in a changing world. Preparing teachers for school reform. Leadership and policy development to ensure education excellence and quality. Economic growth and the international trade in education reform.

Rethinking the school curriculum to teach tolerance and peace. Empowering teachers and teacher educators to teach the value of tolerance and peace. Education, pluralism and the teaching of values. International co-operation for teacher education. Fostering partnerships in school reform. Positive tensions: Keys to educational renewal in a school-university partnership. About the authors.


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