Tao of Talking
The Speaker’s Tenets Towards Charisma

By Alvin Teoh & Fabian Fidelis
December 2005
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9679789225
126 pages, Illustrated, 5 ½” x 8 ½”
$18.95 Paper Original

This book covers the important aspects of public speaking. It is divided into 12 speaker’s tenets for easy reference. Each elaborates on one aspect of the skill with chosen examples that public speakers inevitably encounter.

The first tenet, ‘Everything Speaks,’ is a topic least discussed in other books of similar kind and yet it is the most important tenet for a public speaker.

One will never get a second chance to create a favorable first impression. The tenets are exemplified with many illustrations to help readers remember the main points with ease. This is a book that every aspiring public speaker should read.

About the Authors:
Alvin Teoh is a professional speaker and has conducted seminars and workshops for executives and professionals from the public and private sectors. His specialty in stress management, customer service, relationship building, image-grooming, presentation skills, team-building and study skills have gained him respect from all quarters.

Fabian Fidelis is a professional speaker who has empowered the lives of thousands of people, leaving them fulfilled and inspired. His audience range from top managers, engineers and doctors to educators and students. His versatility as Master of Ceremony has gained him reputation at functions where the Royalty, Ministers and Dignitaries are guests of honor.


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