Systematic List of the Extant Ground Beetles
of the World, 2nd edition

Insecta, Coleoptera “Geadephaga”: Trachypachodae and Carabidae including Paussinae, Cicindelinae, Rhysodinae

By Wolfgang Lorenz
December 2005
Lorenz Publishing
ISBN: 3933896061
530 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 3/4"
$299.00 Hardcover

The massive book contains all published family-, genus-, and species-specific-group names of the ground beetles of the world, including synonyms, most important unavailable names, incorrect original or subsequent spellings and misidentified names are listed in alphabetical order. Additional information for names include: authors and dates of publication, availability, validity and taxonomic placement of names, original spelling and type genera of family-group names, gender and type species of genus-group names, and types of epithets—listed with their original and current generic combinations.


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