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Speleological Atlas of Serbia
[Bilingual: In Serbian & English]

Edited by Predrag Djurovic
December 1998
"Jovian Cvijic" Geographical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts
ISBN: 86-80029-15-7
290 pages, illustrated; 16 3/4" x 11 3/4"
$163.50 hardcover

Contents: Speleological Atlas of Serbia. Sedimentological Characteristics of Limestone. Structural-tectonic Elements as a Factor in Cave Development. The Hydrogeology of Karst. Surface Karst Morphology. Morphological and Hydrological Elements of Caves and Pits. Genesis and Evolution of Karst. Fossil Remains of Vertebrates in Serbian Cave Deposits. The Hypogean Fauna in Serbia: From Surface to Soil to Caves. The Cave Fauna in Serbia: Origin, Historical Development, and Diversification. Prehistoric Cave Sites. Protection of Caves. Use of Caves and Natural Conditions for Improvement of Their Locations. Caves and Pits (over 75 sites). Richly illustrated with color photographs and black & white scientific drawings.