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Some Fundamentals on the Performance of Ramjets
with Subsonic and Supersonic Combustion

By H. Wittenberg
September 2001
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2024-X
189 pages, illustrated
$58.50 paper original


In this report several thermodynamic cycles for ramjets and scramjets are studied: the ideal cycle (without losses in total pressure), the ideal Brayton cycle (only combustion losses), and the non-ideal Brayton cycle (losses in inlet, combustion chamber and exhaust nozzle). Contents include: Performance parameters for ramjet and scramjet. Inlet performance. Effect of heat input and combustion inlet Mach number on cycle performance. Combustion chambers with constant pressure and with constant cross-sectional area, including a comparison between ramjet and scramjet. Cycle analysis with high-temperature effects and fuel-mass addition. Cycle analysis in the Mollier diagram and the energy diagram. The combustion and expansion process: some fundamentals and examples. Overview of results. Tables. Figures. References.

Aerospace Engineering