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Singapore Financial & Business Sourcebook, 2nd Edition

By Tan Chwee Huat
June 2002
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-256-2
706 pages
$99.50 paper original

Apart from summarizing the financial developments, reforms and policies over the past decades of the financial system in Singapore, this second edition of the Singapore Financial Sourcebook has been completely updated, revised and expanded. Highlights include: New chapters on venture capital, franchise and internet banking. Annual budgets summarized for easy reference. Statistical tables with cumulative data that date back to the 1970s. Latest directory of the major institutions, including contact numbers and websites. An extensive glossary of financial terms arranged alphabetically, many specific to Singapore and not found in any standard business or finance dictionaries. Main regulations and guidelines for financial institutions, including those provided by the Singapore Exchange for its member companies. Information on recent developments in corporate governance and disclosure. This book is a must for all financial institutions and libraries, and an indispensable reference guide for professionals, researchers, students and the public.

Finance; Asian Studies