Short Grammar of Bulgarian for English
Speaking Learners, 2nd Revised Edition

By Evgenia Antova, et al.
December 2002
ABM Komepc
ISBN: 954-91197-1-8
214 pages, 5 x 7 "
$41.00 paper original

Contents include: Some basic data about the Bulgarian language, Vowels, Consonants, Phonetic alterations, Determination of nouns, Use of the definite articles, Adjectives, The use of the definitive article with adjectives, Cardinal numbers, Ordinal numbers, Personal pronouns, Classification of verbs, Transitive and intransitive verbs, The past perfect tense, The future perfect in the past tense, Voice of the verb, Mood of the verb, The indicative mood, The conditional mood, Non-finite verb forms, The active present participle, The active imperfect past participle, Derivation of imperfect verbs of the perfective aspect, Categories.

Language Studies

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