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Shop Stewards' Guide to Work Organisation
De-industrialization and how to fight it

By Daryll Hull
December 1978
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-221-9
130 pages[cover]
$22.50 hardcover

This study is based on five case studies made on behalf of the Ruskin Trade Union Research Unit. The companies studied ranged in size from less than 200 employees to over 10,000 in one factory. There were several types of technology, different levels of skills, and both blue-collar and white-collar personnel. The study focuses on a number of questions: What were the companies actually doing when they said they had introduced some new form of work organization? Why did they take the time to do anything different in the first place? What was the union(s) response to the company initiative? Why did the union(s) respond in that particular way? How effective was the union response to management initiatives in each case? What are the general implications for unions, their members and the system of collective bargaining in all this activity? What role did social science and management consultants play in the exercises? What is likely to be the long term future of work organization in industry?

Industrial Relations
Practical Guides to Industrial Relations, No. 4