Self-Management on Trial

By Milojko Drulovic
December 1978
ISBN: 0851242316 [hardcover] [bookcover]
ISBN: 0851242324 [paper]
246 pages
$44.50 [hardcover]
$19.95 [paperback]

Yugoslavia's unique attempts to establish a society founded on self-management are here analyzed both in terms of their underlying socialist principles and of their material success.

The author discusses the historical events which led to Yugoslavia's rejection of the Russian model of social organization. He outlines the subsequent experiments with self-management in production, and their later extension into social institutions such as education and the health service.

He considers the challenged posed by planning needs and contemporary technology, offering a careful assessment of the problems of this remarkable (though ultimately unsuccessful) democratic initiative. The book is absolutely essential to anyone concerned with the structure and operation of Yugoslav society in the seventies, and will be avidly studied by all who are interested in the current argument about industrial democracy.

European Studies; History; Sociology
University Paperback, No. 24

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