Stockholm Exhibition 1930
Modernism's Breakthrough in Swedish Architecture

By Eva Rudberg
Translated from the Swedish by Paul B. Austen & Frances Lucas
June 1999
Stockholmia Forlag, Sweden
ISBN: 9170310912
240 Pages, Illustrated, Color and Black & White Photographs
$82.00 hardcover

The 1930 exhibition of architecture, created by Gunnar Aslund, contained transparent buildings, a blaze of colorful flags, boldly novel advertising and new typography, and made it into funtionalism's breakthrough in Sweden. Many of the photographs in this book have become classics.

This is a beautiful book filled with information about the formation and history of the exhibition, a discussion about the Swedish Society for Crafts & Design, a chapter on Modernism, how the site was organized, information about all the architects, posters & advertising, and then the exhibit itself -- the color scheme, the electric lighting, the inauguration and press reaction, and then a guided tour of the exhibit, including furniture, instruments, precious metals, glass, textiles, books and bindings, kiosks, town planning, small apartments, kitchens, bathrooms, a school, hospital ward, housing, amusement park, and much more. Additional materials are also found in this book, including bibliography, register of names and sources of illustrations.


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