Roman & Late Roman City
The International Conference, Veliko Turnovo 26-30 July 2000

Edited by Lyudmila Slokoska & Andrew Poulter
June 2002
Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
ISBN: 954-430-845-8[book cover]
438 pages, illustrated
$118.00 hardcover

More than 70 illustrated papers are contained in this collection, celebrating 100 years of excavations in the Nicopolis ad Istrum. Partial contents include: From City to Fortress and From Town to Country. Mammal & Bird Bones. Palaeobotanical Research at Gladishte. Ionic Capitals. Coinage of Nicopolis. Silver Figurine of Hermes-Mercury. Late Roman & Early Byzantine Fortifications. Episcopal Basilica at Novae. A Late Roman Settlement at Novae. Rock Materials. Geo-Strategic Regional Center. New Facts About the Eastern Thermae of Philippopolis. Disposition of Scupi. Capital of Roman-Ionic Order. Late Antique Cities of Eastern Thrace. Bronze Production. Gold & Silver Workshops. Earthenware. Many other articles.

In English, with additional papers in French, German & Bulgarian.


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