Röekillorna Spring
Spring-Cults in Scandinavian Prehistory

By Juhan Kank & Enn Tarvel
Dec. 1997
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 91-630-6241-0
155 p.
$70.00 Cloth


The Röekillorna cult site was discovered in 1951 when a fire well was constructed at the spring at Hagestad No. 41, Löderup Parish. Many finds were revealed by the outflow of the water, such as an axe and bone. Herved Berlin at the Zoological Museum, University of Lund identified the bone material as the remains of domestic animals and of homo. It was evident that this was an exceptional find place and that the preconditions for an investigation of the spring and the area around it were worked out in 1960, and the excavation was made in 1961-1962.

Series: Acta Regiae Societatis Humaniorum Litterarum Ludensis

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