Response to Noel Malcolm's Book
Kosovo. A Short History

By Milorad Ekmecic, et al.
Translated From Yugoslav by Tihomir Vuckovic
April 2000
Institute of History of the Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts
ISBN: 86-7743-020-2
193 pages, illustrated (with map inserts), 6" x 9 3/4"
$91.50 hardcover


This is a scientific discussion of Noel Malcolm's Kosovo. A Short History. It demonstrates the extent of the betrayal of the historical truth and the manipulation of the past of nations, regions or states for the sake of the political ends of the day. It was a commonplace view that such books are possible only in totalitarian societies. But we can see that the appearance of such books is also possible in a milieu which, until recently at least, could not be called totalitarian, and that it is possible within a historiography excelling in great authors and trustworthy works.

Collection of Works, Vol. 18

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