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Research By Design
Proceedings A, International Conference,
Faculty of Architecture, Delft University

Edited by Marieke van Ouwerkerk &. Jurgen Rosemann
December 2001
Delft University
ISBN: 90-407-2213-7
124 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/8 x 9 1/2"
$42.00 paper original

The "Research By Design" conference, which took place at the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology on 1-3 November 2000, marked the completion of an ambitious research project called "Architectural Intervention," that was initiated in 1998. Its most important aim was to elucidate, develop and operationalize design research as a method of scientific research at the Faculty. Both the practice and theory of design fields are in constant flux and teaching and research must reflect their dynamics. Design research, both as a scientific method and as an educational resource was the main topic of the three day international conference on "Research By Design." On the first day of the conference the results of the Architecture Intervention were presented and discussed in an international academic forum. The second day was reserved for parallel paper presentations. The third day focused on "Research By Design" in practice. On this day, a series of large scale urban projects was presented and evaluated.