Remarkable Story of Alfred Nobel
& the Nobel Prize, 2nd Edition

By Lars-Ake Skagegard
Translated from Swedish by George Varcoe
December 2000
Uppsala Publishing House AB
ISBN: 91-7005-193-3
112 p., illustrated, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
$42.00 Hardcover

In this book, Alfred Nobel and his work are described in a simple way: his dramatic life, the money, his love and his fame. The book provides answers most of the questions about the Nobel Prize and its founder. It contains ceremonial programs, menus, photographs and information about the value of the Prize. It also introduces a number of famous prize winners, as both private persons and professionals. Here you can read about the guests, planning, and the precision behind the beautifully set banquet tables, the choice of food and drink, and the magnificent floral decorations. The book contains stories from the Grand Hotel and the Stockholm Concert House, and about the planning and execution of one of the biggest and most security-minded festive events in the world.


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