Religiositat im spaten Mittelalter
[In German]

By Berndt Hamm
February 2011
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9783161506635
620 pages
$277.50 Hardcover

This book deals with the surprisingly manifold relationships between theology based on piety, pastoral care, the practice of piety, religiousness of the laity, reform of the monasteries, urban church life and religious paintings, carvings and sculptures from the 14th to the early 16th century. Late medieval religiousness is seen as a force of opposing trends, for example between attitudes toward piety which are highly ritualistic on the outside and those which are highly internalizing. The articles make it clear that for each religious problem there is an entire spectrum of theoretical solutions and practical behavioral patterns. Hence the Late Middle Ages are presented as an era of accelerated religious agitation, creativity and mobility.


Studies in the Late Middle Ages, Humanism & the Reformation No. 54


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