Privatisation in Indian Industry
Conceptual Issues, Problems, Applications,
Perspectives, & Countries' Experiences

Edited by V.V.N. Somayajulu
May 1996
Spellbound Publications Ltd.
ISBN: 81-7600-034-5
183 pages, illustrated
$24.00 hardcover

From the foreword by George Rosen: "There have been many books on 'Privatisation' written in the past several years, and a reader might well ask why another volume. The virtue of this book is that it concentrates on what is happening in India. It thereby places India in the broader context of what is happening in other countries, not only in capitalist ones such as England and the United States, but in the socialist ones as well, whether mixed or centrally planned. ...[It] contributes to the necessary continuous review of India's industrial policy and will hopefully have an effect upon such policy as well as encourage the writing of further policy-related books in the area."

Contents include: Privatisation and Liberalisation -- Theoretical overview. Meaning and Rationale of Privatisation. Privatisation in Indian Industry. Divestiture in Developing Countries -- Scope, Significance and Limitations. Privatisation: The Perestroika -- We can do without. Constraints to Private Investment in Bihar. India and China: Constrasts in Economic Reforms. Summing up, Findings, and Policy Recommendations.

16 papers are included in total.


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