Principles of Mechanical Engineering Design
Deisgn of Mechanical Compnents

By L. Dmitrov
September 2006
Heron Press
Distrubuted by
ISBN: 9545801883
229 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 10"
$77.50 Paper Original

Primarily written for undergraduate students, this book places emphasis on the methods and procedures applied in the design of machine components of common use, such as bolts, keys, pins, shafts, bearings, gears, couplings, and others.

Partial Contents:

Design Process Steps.
Load Analysis. Stress Analysis.
Properties of Materials.
Deformation of Machine Components.
Failure Prediction for Static & Fatigue Loading.

JOINTS--Key, Spline, Pin, Riveted, Press & Shrink Fit, Threaded Fasteners & Power Screw, Welds. Problems.
SPRINGS: Helical Wire, Leave Springs, Spring Groups. Problems.
BEARINGS: Sliding. Rolling Elements. Problems.
SHAFT & COUPLINGS: Shaft Deisgn. Couplings. Problems.
GEARS: Spur, Helical, Gear Force Analysis, Straight Bevel Gears, Worm Gears. Problems
FRICTION CLUTCHES: Disk, Cone, Centrifugal, Over-Running, Brakes, Temperature Consideration. Problems>



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