Poverty, 4th Edition
The Forgotten Englishmen

By Ken Coates & Richard Silburn
Forward by Stuart Weir
December 1983
ISBN: 0-85124-396-7
282 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$43.50 hardcover

Ken Coates and Richard Silburn look again at what is meant by the word "poverty." They conclude that vast numbers of Enlighsh people, living in slums throughout the country, are, for most of their lives, living in acute poverty. What this actually involves is spelled out by means of a detailed seurvey of one slum: St Ann's, an area of Nottingham which has now been cleared but is all too typical of hundreds of such districts which remain.

The book continues with a study of welfare services and why they fail to alleviate or remove poverty. Finally, there is an analysis of the many problems of slum-clearance schemes. Contents: Foreword. Introduction. Poverty is back among us. How the poor live: The case of St Ann's. Why Poverty? Can it be fought? Who will fight it? Afterword. Epilogue. Index.


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