Polyimides & Other High Temperature Polymers:
Synthesis, Characterization & Applications, Volume 1

Edited by K.L. Mittal
October 2001
ISBN: 90-6764-339-4
320 pages, illustrated
$192.50 hardcover

This volume chronicles the proceedings of the International Symposium on Polyimides and Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, held in Newark, New Jersey, November 29 -- December 1, 1999.

Polyimides constitute an important class of materials because of their many desirable traits, for example: low dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, good planarization, wear resistance, radiation resistance, inertness to solvents, good adhesion properties, good hydrolytic stability, low thermal expansion, long-term stability and excellent mechanical properties.

This volume contains a total of 21 papers, all rigorously peer reviewed and revised before inclusion, addressing many aspects and new developments in polyimides and other high temperature polymers. The book is divided into two parts: ``Synthesis, Properties and Bulk Characterization'' and `` Interfacial or Adhesion Aspects and Applications''. The topics covered include: structure-property relationships in polyimides; photochemistry and photophysics of polyimides; thermal and UV laser pyrolyses of polyimides; residual stress evaluation in polyimides; synthesis and characterization of a variety of polyimides; high T polyimide; fluorinated polyimides; highly oriented polyimide films; high-temperature aromatic copolymer thermosets; shape-memory polymers; polyimides as liquid crystal alignment layers; surface properties of polyimides; metal-containing polyimides for optoelectronic applications; polyimide L-B films; polyimides coated with copper sulfide; carbon fiber/polyimide composites; and simulations of the polyimide/silica interface.

This volume offers a wealth of information and represents current commentary on the R&D activity taking place in the technologically highly important field of polyimides and other high temperature polymers and should be of value and interest to anyone interested in the fundamental or applied aspects of this topic.


Investigation of structure-property relationships in aromatic polyimides and polyamides
H. Yagci Acar, C. Ostrowski and L.J. Mathias
The photochemistry and photophysics of polyimides. The state of the art
D. Creed and C.E. Hoyle
Measurement and theoretical estimations of dielectric properties of polyimides
R.H. Vora, H. Wang and T.-S. Chung
Thermal and UV laser pyrolyses of the polyimide PMDA-ODA: Analysis of the gaseous products by time-resolved and discrete infrared spectroscopies
S.F. Dinetz, E.J. Bird, R.L. Wagner and A.W. Fountain III
Residual stress evaluation in aromatic polyimides by X-ray diffraction
T. Nishino, M. Kotera and K. Nakamae
Chemistry and properties of o-hydroxy- and o-amino-substituted polyimides
D. Likhatchev
Novel phenylethynyl-terminated asymmetric BPDA based polyimides having excellent processability and thermo-oxidative stability
R. Yokota, S. Yamamoto, S. Yano, T. Sawaguchi, M. Hasegawa, H. Yamaguchi, H. Ozawa and R. Sato
Synthesis and characterization of a high Ttex2html_wrap_inline2115 polyimide (DMBZ-15)
K.C. Chuang, K.J. Bowles, D.A. Scheiman, D.S. Papadopoulos and D. Hardy-Green
Thiazole ring based poly(ether imide)s: Synthesis and characterization
R. Dubey, L.D. Kandpal and G.N. Mathur
Tetracarboxylic bisimide-lactam ring contraction: A route to lactamimide-containing polymers. A novel class of polymers with intramolecular charge transfer
L. Fomina, P. Ponce and S. Fomine
Synthesis of fluorinated polyimides
S. Bajpai, J. Srivastava, L.D. Kandpal and G.N. Mathur
Highly oriented poly(4,4'-diphenylene)pyromellitimide films
D. Likhatchev and S.N. Chvalun
A new family of high-temperature aromatic copolyester thermosets
J. Economy and K. Xu
Shape-memory polymers: Copoly(aliphatic-aromatic)oxadiazoles
T. Briffaud, J. Garapon and B. Sillion
Synthesis of novel alicyclic polyimides and their application as liquid crystal alignment layers
H. Nawata, Y. Ohtsuka, Y. Ohrai, K. Sawahata, T. Nihira, H. Suzuki and H. Fukuro
Surface properties of polyimide alignment layers for liquid crystal display
J.D. Kim, Y.M. Koo, S.M. Kim and M.H. Kim
Development for some metal-containing polyimides for optoelectronic applications
W.K. Chan
Electrostatic phenomena in polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films: Space charge distribution and electronic density of states at the film/metal interface
M. Iwamoto and E. Itoh
Polyimides coated with copper sulfide: Surface conductive films
M.F. Porto, R.V.A. Rowe, O. Santos, C.M. Garcia, L.T. Taylor, E.C. Muniz and A.F. Rubira
Dynamic mechanical properties of carbon fiber/PMR-15 composites containing thermoplastic co-polymide interphase coatings
J.O. Iroh and K.M.S. Jordan
Developing a strategy for simulations of the polyimide-silica interface
T.R. Walsh, C.G. Harkins and A.P. Sutton


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