Political Representation & Participation
in Transitional Democracies:
Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

Edited By Elfar Loftson & Yonhyok Choe
July 2003
Sodertorns Hogskola
ISBN: 91-89315-14-6
181 pages, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"
$59.50 Paper Original

This volume describes the transformation of the three Baltic States to liberal democracies, and discusses to what extent the new institutions that have come into existence enjoy popular support. It is an empirical study, based on a survey conducted in 1999, to test hypotheses derived from representation and participation theories. Each chapter contains a discussion of the theoretical implications found in the Baltic context. The three Baltic societies are on the verge of a transition towards a more consolidated and stable system in which the rule of law is widely accepted as a democratic principle. However, there are nostalgic sentiments among those who were deeply involved in the Soviet system, and among those who have been disadvantaged by the new system.

Sodertorn Academic Studies No. 10

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