Plea to Economists Who Favour
Liberty: Assist the Everyman

By Daniel B. Klein, et al.
December 2001
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36501-2
107 pages, illustrated
$24.50 paper original

Should economists remain as detached scholars, pursuing their research to the satisfaction of themselves and fellow academics? Or should they try to educate their fellow men and women in economic ideas, hoping to have an impact on economic policy?

In this Occasional Paper, Professor Daniel B. Klein addresses these issues, concluding that if economists want to be influential in policy-making, they must be willing to communicate with the 'Everyman'. Scholasticism is valuable in encouraging high research standards, but it has been carried too far in the economics profession, to the detriment of research and teaching which are relevant to policy.

Five well-known economists - John Flemming, Charles Goodhart, Israel Kirzner, Deirdre McCloskey and Gordon Tullock - then comment on Klein's paper.

Economics; Politics
Occasional Paper No. 118

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