Pioneers of the Research
on the Insects of Dalmatia

By Dr. Guido Nonveiller
April 2001
Croatian Natural History Museum
ISBN: 953-6645-04-1
390 pages, illustrated
$79.00 paper original

A marvelous book which could be of interest to anybody interested in insects and stories about their discovery and investigations. Contains much information on the explorers of the insect world of Dalmatia.

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. Acknowledgements.
The beginnings of data collecting on Dalmatian insects until the middle of the last century; the first printed publications on natural history and insects. The entomologists from Dalmatia.
Entomologists from countries neighboring Dalmatia who contributed to the study of the insects of Dalmatia. Contributions of foreign entomologists. The knowledge of the insects of Dalmatia on the eve of World War II. The insect trade market. Epilogue. Remarks. Index. Literature.

Includes over 60 black & white figures.

History; Entomology

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