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The Persistence of Christian Realism
A Study of the Social Ethics of Ronald H. Preston

By Normund Kamergrauzis
December 2001
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-554-5125-X
261 pages
$53.00 paper original

The persistence of the tradition of Christian Realism in England is exemplified by the lifelong contribution of Anglican moral theologian Ronald H. Preston. The purpose of this Ph.D. thesis is (1) to systematize, clarify and analyze Preston's social ethical theory, with particular reference to Christian engagement with economic and political issues; (2) to undertake critical assessment of the ambiguities in Preston's approach, in relation to the debate within moral philosophy, Christian ethics and political philosophy; and (3) to suggest a constructive proposal for an approach to social ethics in the public sphere that would be reasonable and authentic from a Christian perspective.

Ethics; Christian Studies
Uppsala Studies in Social Ethics, No. 27