Perceptual Dynamics
Theoretical foundations & philosophical
implications of Gestalt psychology

By Fredrik Sundqvist
September 2003
Goteborg University Press
ISBN: 9173464864
259 p Illustrated, 6 x 9 "
$72.50 Paper Original

Ph.D. Dissertation. Partial Contents: Why Gestalt theory? The Berlin School. Sensations. Intuition. Constancy Hypothesis. Kohler's Critique. Introspection. Bundle Hypothesis. Path of Rationalism. Law of Pragnanz, Figure-Ground & Perceptual Frameworks. Gestalt Theory: Hypothesis of Psychophysical Isomorphism. Think & Being. Thought & Logic. Equilibrium & Ego. Field Structure. Productive Thinking. Behavioral Environment. Task of Gestalt Theory. Summary. References

Stockholm Studies in Archaeology No. 24

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