Pedagogical Quality
in Preschool
An issue of perspectives

By Sonja Sheridan
December 2001
University of Gothenburg
ISBN: 91-7346-403-1
200 pages[cover]
$58.50 paper original

This thesis aims to define and describe a pedagogical concept of quality; to explore how quality is experienced from different perspectives; to find out what characterizes a pedagogical environment of high quality; and to discuss how those characteristics can be used to improve the quality of preschool. The thesis comprises four studies, a meta-perspective of their results and a theoretical framework.

Introduction. Different perspectives of quality. Research in preschool. A pedagogical perspective of quality. To visualize quality through evaluation. Four studies of pedagogical quality. Deconstructing and reconstructing quality. General discussion. References.

Göteborg Studies in Educational Sciences, No. 160

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