Pedagogical Mismanagement
& Orthopedagogy
Rearing, Treatment, Staff
Coaching, Management

By J.E. Rink
December 1995[book cover]
ISBN: 90-5350-385-4
176 pages, illustrated
$36.50 paperback

In this book pedagogical mismanagement is analyzed and methodically described as the antipode of rearing. A detailed elaboration of concepts used in connection with orthopedagogical diagnostics and treatment of pedagogical mismanagement is included, such as a the orientation and interpretation frameworks, the planning scheme, the Orthopedagogical Intervention Cycle and the production route during treatment.

This text has primarily been written as a manual for university and professional students and contains essential information for orthopedagogues, psychologists, family doctors, psychiatrists, guardians, home care-givers and health visitors. Some information on orthopedagogy is briefly provided for the benefits of non-orthopedagogues.


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