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Passover in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan Genesis
The Connection of Early Biblical Events with Passover in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan in a Synagogue Setting

By Per Bengtsson
September 2001
Almqvist & Wiskell International
ISBN: 91-22-01927-8
88 pages
$47.50 paper original

The aim of this study is to investigate the connection of important events in Genesis with Passover in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, and to relate this interpretation to the hermeneutic activity in the ancient Synagogue. Contents include: Introduction. The Interpretation of the Bible in the Ancient Synagogue. The Story of Cain and Abel. The Circumcision of Abraham. The Visit of the Angels to Abraham. Isaac's Blessing. Summary and Concluding Remarks. Bibliography.. [In English and Hebrew, generally with translations]

Theology; Judaic Studies
Scripta Minora 2000-2001:1