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Paleogene Shallow Benthos of the Tethys, Volume 1
Paleogene Larger Foraminifera Reference List

By Johannes S. Pignatti
December 1998
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
297 pages
$199.00 paper original

This book is an analytical bibliography of more than 4800 main references on Paleogene larger foraminifera. They embrace a time-span of about 42 million years, from the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary to the end of the Oligocene. Bibliography is focused on the papers from the Central and Western Tethys, from the Middle East to Spain, but includes most key papers from the Far East and Caribbean, thus reaching the around the Globe. The analytical part of the citations mainly lists the described larger Foraminifera in alphabetical order and, where necessary or useful, mentions among others the region and the time-span covered by the referenced paper.

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