Palaeolithic Quarrying Sites
in Upper & Middle Egypt

By Pierre M. Vermeersch
December 2002
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-266-2
365 pages, Illustrated, 8 1/4" x 11 "
$95.50 Paper Original

The field research and associated laboratory analyses reported in this volume represent more than twenty-five years of investigation in Upper and Middle Egypt by the Belgian Middle Egypt Prehistoric Project of Leuven University. During the course of these years, the project excavated many sites with clear evidence of chert mining activities. This book serves to present the results of these investigations, which span in time from the Middle to the Upper Paleolithic. The volume begins with a chapter covering the methodological approaches of the analysis of the recovered lithic material, followed by a short introduction into the geomorphology of the Nazlet Khater area, near Tahta. The following chapters describe the Middle Palaeolithic chert extraction sites at Nazlet Khater, Beit Allam and Nazlet Safaha, the Upper Paleolithic underground mining site at Nazlet Khater 4 and Nazlet Khater burials.

Egyptian Prehistory Monographs, No. 4

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